How to Find and Hire Inexpensive Wedding Venues Long Island

Inexpensive Wedding Venues Long Island
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Find and Hire Inexpensive Wedding Venues Long Island

Long Island City is the westernmost residential and commercial neighborhood of the New York City. Long Island City is very famous among the highest concentration of art galleries, art institutions, and studio space of any neighborhood in New York City. Long Island City has a remarkable change in the past two decades. Now Long Island City has become home to many professionals who are looking for luxury convenience.

Long Island become the target for the businessman. It can be seen from the growing number of trendy restaurants, bars, hotels and the most remarkable one is wedding venues and organizer. For the young couple who are getting married and want to have their wedding party on the long island, you can have a beautiful and memorable wedding on there, whether it is an expensive or inexpensive wedding. Long Island has so much to offer to the marrying couple that no matter if your wedding takes place during Spring, Summer, Winter, or Fall. However, you need to be smart and careful in choosing the wedding venues long island, If you are lucky, you may get inexpensive wedding venues in long Island.

Inexpensive Wedding Venues Long Island

Things to consider

Here are some aspects that need to be considered before hiring wedding Venues Long Island

  1. Is the place located in a strategic location, is the place easy to be accessed or not and is the place has a good looking view or just ordinary?
  2. Is the place has good features and facilities or not. How about its indoor and outdoor setting. It is good enough to entertain the guests or not.
  3. You need to found a place that has a capacity for all of your guests. How many seats does the reservation have? whether is is indoor or outdoor.
  4. Choose the Wedding Venues Long Island that is affordable for your budget or it is considered as inexpensive wedding venues long island according to your budget. The cost might be stated in the wedding packages. It usually already includes the meals, cocktails, tax, service charge and many other.

Find the best wedding venues in Long Island.

Here is the list of recommended wedding venues in Long Island. You can compare each venue from the price, menu, capacity, and other facilities that suitable for your budget.

  1. Villa Lombardi’s
Villa Lombardi's
  • Location: 877 Main Street Holbrook NY
  • Contact: (631) 471-6609
  • Capacity: 50 – 1500
  • Price Per Guest: $50 – $200
  • Max Events: 10
  • Cuisine: Continental / Italian
  • Amenities: Bridal Suite, Outdoor Valet
  1. Long Island Marriott
Long Island Marriott
  • Location: 101 James Doolittle Boulevard Uniondale NY
  • Contact: (516) 794-3800
  • Capacity: 1200
  • Price Per Guest: $0
  • Max Events: 0
  • Cuisine: –
  • Amenities: Bridal Suite, Lodging, Off Premise, Kosher
  • Notes: With over 27,000 square feet of flexible space, the Long Island Marriott is the perfect venue for grand wedding receptions, as well as more intimate cocktail hours.
  1. Leonard’s Palazzo
Leonard's Palazzo
  • Location: 555 Northern Blvd Great Neck NY
  • Contact: (516) 487-7900
  • Capacity: 50 – 1000
  • Price Per Guest: $75 – $170
  • Max Events: 3
  • Cuisine: Continental
  • Amenities: Bridal Suite, Outdoor, Off Premises, Valet, Kosher
  1. Hilton Long Island
Hilton Long Island
  • Location: 598 Broad Hollow Road Melville NY
  • Contact: (631) 845-1000
  • Capacity: 100 – 720
  • Price Per Guest: $95
  • Max Events: 2
  • Cuisine: Continental
  • Amenities: Bridal Suite, Lodging, Outdoor, Valet, Kosher

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